How to Keep Your Feet Looking Sexy

December 12, 2017

How to Keep Your Feet Looking Sexy

Use These Tips To Maintain Beautiful Feet

It’s ironical, isn’t it? We spend so many hours obsessing about buying the right pair of heels, but we hardly ever take some time out for our feet. They are the workhorses of our body and need some care to keep looking beautiful all the time.

Here are some handy tips to make sure that you can proudly show off your tootsies:

Exfoliate once a week: Exfoliation helps remove dead dry skin cells and leaves your feet feeling smoother. Moisturizers are more effective on smooth rather than flaky skin. Try out this activated foot peel which exfoliates, moisturizes and conditions your feet naturally.

Keep a pumice stone handy: Excessive pressure on certain parts of the foot triggers the build-up of calluses. These calluses are pads of dead skin, which can go on to develop into painful corns. Not to mention the fact that they look quite ugly!

Keep a pumice stone in your bathroom and scrub it on your feet gently every other day. Your feet will thank you.

Avoid soaking: A commonly suggested therapy for feet is to soak it in warm water filled with Epsom salts. Doing this will further dehydrate already dry skin, so avoid it. Instead, apply a sugar scrub and wash it off with a moistened towel.

Moisturize: Heels take some heavy battering when you walk around all day. They tend to dry out more easily than other parts of your feet. Due to their thickness, they are less likely to absorb moisture. Make sure that you apply moisturizer on your feet immediately after you shower. Any natural oil or lotion will do.

Foot detox: Take a break from nail polish every now and then. It is essential that you let your toes breathe and encourage healthy growth of nails. Chemical residue can harm nails, which are a living part of your body.

Use Sunscreen: Many people neglect to apply sunscreen to their feet and this can be a big mistake. Sun exposure can damage your cuticles, which seal moisture and protect nail growth. Include your feet in your daily sunscreen routine.

Follow these tips diligently and you will boast of sexy looking feet, which you can flaunt on Instagram!

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