Meet Jimmy.


He runs this place.  He also makes sure we work very hard for you.

After a decade of helping other people sell things online and realizing how insane the markups were we decided to do something about it. Believe it or not, many of the household names you see advertising during your favorite tv show or in your favorite magazine are no different than the generics advertised at fraction of the cost. 

Basically, we spend way too much time searching for the manufacturers of really cool things and then toss them onto the website for really low prices compared to the expensive store brands. 



ABSOLUTELY! We have more than 100,000 happy customers from around the world. We are in the top 1% of stores on Shopify (the largest and most reliable eCommerce platform on the planet).

And to be EVEN MORE SURE, we process the payments using Paypal and/or Stripe. They are the biggest and most secure payments gateways in the whole planet Earth. They give you (and us) the highest security against fraud. 


Anyways...If you want to get ahold of Jimmy, check out his contact page.


Welcome To My Monster Deals.