Activated Beauty Concealer Lifting Serum

Full Coverage Extreme HD Concealer 

Activated Beauty's Concealer Lifting Serum is a revolutionary anti-aging product that helps hide even the most visible blemishes.  A quick application will help cover up stubborn wrinkles, deep fine lines, puffy under-eye bags, and unsightly blemishes, with results lasting 7-10 hours!   Size: 15 ml / .5 fl oz 

Activated Beauty's Concealer Specialized Areas

UNDER-EYE BAGS - Apply the concealer under the eyes to diminish and virtually eliminate puffiness in a matter of minutes.

SKIN BLEMISHES - Apply a pea-sized amount to any areas of the face with blemishes to even skin tone and texture for a brighter appearance.

UNWANTED TATTOOS - Apply the serum to the area where you wish to cover the tattoo up and watch the concealer work its magic. 

FOREHEAD WRINKLES - Dab the cream lightly across the forehead, and watch the wrinkles and worry lines disappear in seconds.

CROWS FEET - Gently apply above your natural eyebrow line and experience and instant brow lift that restores the gorgeous appeal to your eyes.

FACIAL PORES - Sparingly pat the foundation to target enlarged pores and watch them tighten and minimize for a smooth feel.


Never before have we featured a product that has been more highly reviewed by our customers and harder to keep in stock. With current demand, we were only able to secure limited quantities but as long as the “Add to Cart” button above is still blue it means we still have stock available and you can order while it lasts. Just choose your color, choose the quantity you want and simply add it to your cart.

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