Activated Beauty Foot Peel

What is a foot mask?

It is a simple foot treatment that allows the dead skin to peel naturally and gives you perfectly smooth feet. Treat your hard-working feet to a deep, all-natural conditioning!

How does it work? 

Simply kick up your feet, relax while wearing the Activated Beauty Foot Mask for 60-90 minutes.  Dead skin will start peeling 7-10 days after use.  

  • Convenient, at home wearable mask.  Forget expensive trips for a pedicure.  Besides, did you need another reason to kick up your feet and watch some Netflix? Well, we just gave you another one anyway.
  • Peels away calluses & dead skin within 2 weeks.  No need to hide your feet come beach time this summer! 
  • Smoothes and nourishes the skin - Say hello to healthy baby soft feet that everyone will want.   
  •  All-natural & safe exfoliator with only FDA permitted ingredients.
Bottom line:
Activated Beauty's premium foot mask gives you the best results you can get.  


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