PH9 Portable Alkaline Water Generator

PH9 generator the world’s first and only portable alkaline water generator without (expensive) filters.

Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron produces a sterilizing effect on (tap) water. Balances the body's acid alkaline condition. Enhances positive effects on skin and hair mix with water and supplements to get lump free consistency (no wire ball needed). PH9 breaks down the supplements into finer particles which increase the effectiveness and aids in digestion (no bloating).

Benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Improved hydration.
Increased metabolism = weight loss.
Improved heart health.
Antioxidant anti-aging.
Improved energy and recovery.
Improved digestions.
Improved mental clarity.
Balanced pH health.
Improved liver health.
Detox detoxification.
Teeth health, bone health.

Life span: when using the ph9 generator frequently with water, other beverages, and supplements, the lifespan will be two years.

The bottle is made out of organic material and minerals. 


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