Power Floss Oral Care

40% of Americans do not floss daily...

Want to know why?

It's a PAIN in the butt.  It is also really annoying, the cost adds up over time, and it certainly doesn't feel good. Who seriously wants to rub string between your teeth anyways (ouch).  

Well, my friend... Your sad flossing days are far behind you. 

Our Power Floss blasts away plaque, keeps your gums clean, reduces bacteria, and eliminates bad breath,  thanks to our Air Infusion Technology that allows an ultra-thin high voltage of water to thoroughly clean your teeth. 

Don't worry, the Power Floss is more gentle than your Grandma, because well I mean the goal is to go to the dentist less and not more, correct? 

How To Use In 3 Easy Steps

1. Fill - pour water or mouthwash inside. (clever right?)
2. Press Green Button - trust me you'll feel like you have launch codes to hydro missiles.
3. Have Clean teeth - the only thing easier than this 3 step process is telling not having to fib anymore to your dentist about flossing. 

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