SnazII Bright Skin Mask

Who doesn't want to brighten up their skin? 

Anticipated to be one of the top beauty products of the year.  

SnazII has just released their bright skin mask which has been having incredible results for all.  We are all aware that Korea is to beauty to what Paris is to the fashion industry and SnazII does not disappoint with this product.  

Major Benefits From Product

  • Lightens Up Dull Skin
  • Reduces Dark Spots 
  • Reduces Sun Spots 
  • Absorbs oil, dirt, and bacteria from skin.
  • Purifies & Tightens Pores.
  • Replenishes moisture
  • Smooths Skin



Ginseng,leonurus,periostracum cicadae,deer blood,cubilose,Oldenlandia, gypenoside.



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